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Grass Seed Sowing, Planting & Seed Laying Specialists in Ware, Hertfordshire

Perfect Ground Solutions source a variety of grass seed types from a range of specialists grass seed companies and we make sure that in all cases, the seed we use is on the highest quality, with the correct varieties chosen to suit the type of work undertaken.

New varieties of grass seed are constantly coming to market, so we keep regularly up to date with seed specialists to make sure that the seeds we sow are the absolute best for your lawns unique requirements.

Installing a new lawn using seed comes under many descriptions, including:

  • Grass seed sowing
  • Grass seed planting
  • Laying grass seed

Although grass seed sowing methodology may be simple, it is the timing of sowing seeds that is absolutely critical!

So before sowing seeds, we’ll interrogate the soil type and texture present and give an honest appraisal of the type of lawn that can be achieved.

As you’d expect, there’s many soil types in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex with a wide range of water holding capacity, nutrition and pH levels. The advantage of using seed instead of turf means that we can tailor the correct grass seed types to suit.

Grass Seed Types & Germination - The Facts

Choosing the correct seed type to suit the area is very important, but many problems can occur if it’s timed incorrectly and can have a detrimental effect on germination.

Even with some of the more sophisticated “pre-germinated” seed types, care needs to be taken to ensure the germination process occurs naturally.

Not even we can cheat nature, so we work with it to produce even, healthy-green lawns.

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Author: Colin Peters


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